Should I Book a Wedding Videographer?

Budgeting for a wedding is probably the hardest part of 90% of an engaged couple’s wedding plans. There is SO SO MUCH to consider and plan. That said, breaking it down into manageable sections will make life a million times easier but what should you think of first?

You need quality suppliers. Without taking care choosing these, elements of your special day could simply be, well, just not that special. So, I’m going to explain why videography should be your priority!

Why is booking a videographer a priority?

  • This is the most important day of your life and trust me when I say after months or years of planning, it’s over in what feels like literally an hour!
  • Not everyone will be able to attend your wedding – wouldn’t you love the opportunity to show them the beauty of your day?
  • You can solidify your treasured family members smiles, laughs, tears (of joy hopefully) and movements forever as a memento because as much as we’d love them to be, they won’t be around forever.
  • You’d be able to share your wedding with future generations. Imagine showing your grandchildren or even your great grandchildren a stunning feature video of your special day all those years ago!
  • You’ll be able to see the other parts of the day you missed collectively and of course see eachother’s getting ready bits before the ceremony too!

Not to mention, this is the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! This is why you should document this to remember your day and refresh your memory.

As humans, we forget at least 50% of information we’ve learned, seen, heard or smelled after just one hour. This goes over 75% loss after 24 hours! Isn’t that crazy? Imagine that – the day after your wedding, scientifically speaking you will have forgotten three quarters of the day you wanted to cherish forever. So, every moment should be captured for you to relive.

A skilled wedding videographer will be able to do just that for you. YOU DESERVE to see and hear the rewards of all that planning and expense not just for one day but for DECADES to come! Starting to think a wedding video is an absolute necessity yet?

Should I book a photographer as well?

I’ll go into more detail on this in a separate blog post but it should be clear that although I’m a wedding videographer, in no way should this replace your photographer’s booking! A great videographer will work alongside your photographer to create everlasting memories as a duo!

Ask your prospective videographer if they are able to recommend a photographer. I personally hold a list of exceptionally talented photographers that I’ve worked with at weddings whose pictures really capture the essence of the couples beautifully. Some couples opt for just a photographer and no videographer or some neither at all. After speaking with a lot of couples, I’ve found their biggest regret was not investing in a video to enjoy their day again and again. Essentially, you should be prioritising BOTH before thinking about much else.

Are you ready to invest?

A good ballpark figure for investing in photos and video for your wedding should be around 20-25% of your wedding’s budget. This is to make sure you manage to secure a QUALITY service for both of these suppliers. After all, every moment of your entire day happens ONCE. You need a skilled photographer to snap that moment and a talented videographer to have the camera rolling, focussed and saved.

So, I hope this has post has helped you work out what to prioritise. Next, start thinking about what important moments you’d need a videographer to capture and what sort of style of film you’d love to have for you and your future husband/wife. You can of course enquire about my wedding videography services and naturally, contact me using the details at the end of this post – I love to chat! Remember, you will also benefit from my extensive expertise in choosing the right photographer if you haven’t booked one already!


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– Chris

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