So Chris, how did you get into weddings?

I’ll warn you. This is a pretty long story! Feel free to skip it. I won’t get upset I promise!

Okay, so obviously I’ve always loved a good wedding. The joy, happiness, and generally the best vibes of any other event possible – weddings are rarely a place you never want to be – so that part of it makes sense!

As for video, it’s actually a long story but my realisation of my love for moving pictures and invoking real emotion from it came (far too many) years ago when I was a boy and my Grandad’s health began to deteriorate as he started suffering with Alzheimer’s. As a man full of stories, anecdotes and wonderful insights from his long and fulfilling life, it saddened me as his ability to recollect these weakened as time went on.

One of his fondest memories was a hot air balloon ride he went on for his 60th birthday. So, after speaking with my Dad I was delighted to discover he had a VHS tape in the loft covering my Grandad’s fond 60th birthday memories that he captured on his 1980’s Panasonic M7 camera (Google it. It’s a retro bit of kit!).
I decided to dig it out and gift my Grandad something wonderful for Christmas. An everlasting memory he can relive time and time again.

Armed with the VHS, a VHS player, a VHS to USB recording device and my laptop, I set to work copying the footage and painstakingly rendering the fuzzy jumpy footage (Those 80s & 90s babies and before familiar with VHS quality will know exactly what I’m talking about!)I applied some basic colour improvements and some image stabilisation and we were nearly there.
I had some video editing software on my laptop so set about making a short 3 minute clip highlighting the best bits behind some carefully selected music. Applied everything with DVD menus and chapters, burned it to a DVD, wrapped it and waited for Christmas Day.

Nothing could have prepared me for the overhaul of emotion felt by everyone watching my Grandad re-watch one of his most treasured moments for the first time and wipe his tears during the ’best bits’ clip. I realised as did my family that I had found a talent for creating something truly beautiful from something amateur.

The REAL beauty was as his Alzheimer’s progressed, he’d forgotten he’d just watched the DVD and it would play again over and over and over. Not just once but hundreds of times a week he would relive this memory in awe reminiscing and I knew this was something I wanted to do.

After applying this skill to the hundreds of other old VHS tapes the family had lying around, my work was done but I spent the next two decades editing clips for social media, creating corporate product and training video edits for companies I worked for and anything else creative I could get my hands on but unbelievably, had never touched a professional video camera.

That all changed in the 2020’s when I decided I wanted to learn how to shoot video and combine this with my love of weddings. And VOILA the wedding videographer was born!(Told you it was a long story didn’t I!)

Every clip I record, every edit, every transition, every music choice is all honed to perfection with one thing in mind – refinishing the memories YOU have created so that YOU can relive them in the most beautiful way for years and years to come – much like my late Grandad did with his balloon trip!

This is a perfect place to add that a portion of Diamond Film profits is donated every year to the Alzheimer’s Society in honour of that wonderful man.

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Random facts you should know about me…

My favourite food is pizza. Always has been, always will be. If there’s pizza at your wedding, please book me.
I LOVE all animals. In fact, I have rescued cats, turtles, crickets (originally food for the turtles but I love the noise they make). My house has even been home to a snake and stick insects!
I used to be a DJ and was in several bands as a drummer so music is built into me. I love music and there’s never a day goes by where it isn’t played in my house or my ears!
My two favourite words are superfluous and monotonous. Such pretty words – say them… Superfluous….. Monotonous…. Lovely.
I only like cheese if it’s melted.
I have never watched a single Star Wars movie. Which is weird because I’d probably love it.
While we’re on movies, my favourite of all time is Forrest Gump. What a classic. “Life is like a box of chocolates…”
I love to explore new places and adventure high, low, far and wide – usually with my camera by my side!

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