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Wedding Films

Starting from £700

Your wedding film isn’t just another expense—it’s a time machine! It’s the only investment, along with your photos, that lets you relive those magical moments over and over again.

Picture this: watching your perfect dress that took weeks to find, that suit that fit like a glove, your sister’s hilarious bouquet catch, and all the candid moments you missed while you were mingling at the bar!

I’ve streamlined my packages to keep things super simple. Now, there are just two options:

  • Elopement Package: Perfect for intimate ceremonies, capturing all the essentials.
  • The Works Package: For those who want it all, capturing every detail of your big day.

Both packages include fantastic extras like aerial drone footage, multiple camera angles, and 4K recording to make your final film absolutely stunning.

But hey, no two weddings are the same! If you have something unique or specific in mind, let’s get on the phone, chat, or meet up and make it happen!

I’ll be there for you

What you can expect from working with me as your right hand guy…

BEFORE the big day…

  • I’m your go-to guy—almost 24/7 (yes, I do sleep sometimes!). Whether it’s wedding jitters or any other concern, I’m here to ease your mind and lend a helping hand. With plenty of weddings under my belt, I’ve seen it all and know just how to keep things on track. Plus, I genuinely enjoy pitching in!
  • I’ll liaise with your venue and other suppliers behind the scenes, fine-tuning every detail to ensure your footage is flawless.
  • Your photographer and I will sync up to enhance each other’s shots creatively—it’s all about capturing your day from every angle!

ON the big day…

  • We’ll roll through your planned shots, capturing all those vibrant, energetic moments that make your day uniquely yours. I always keep the final masterpiece in mind, so you can relax and let me work my magic.
  • Feeling a bit jittery during those intimate moments? No worries—my filming style is all about keeping it natural and making you feel comfortable.
  • Of course, I’ll be channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe and James Bond, ensuring every shot captures you looking absolutely fabulous with flawless lapels and hair on point!
  • Depending on your package, from morning prep to the evening festivities, I’ll be there, ensuring I’ve got every angle covered for your spectacular final video. And don’t worry about my feet—I’ve got comfy shoes covered!
  • And during those rare moments of downtime, I’ll whisk you away for a serene, intimate shoot. These shots not only add beauty to your film but also give you both a chance to pause and savour the magic of the day as newlyweds!

AFTER the big day…

  • Get ready to relive the magic! Depending what you booked, you’ll receive your final films, including the tear-jerking highlights that’ll have your family reaching for tissues, and full coverage of the ceremony and speeches.
  • Let’s toast to a job well done and celebrate a day that we’ll both remember fondly. I keep all your footage safe for at least 12 months, so if for whatever reason you need me to help you revisit your films, I’ve got you covered!
  • If you’re up for levelling up your films to experience even more magic, I’ll drop you a line with some awesome upgrade options that might work for you!

Extra Ideas

For that additional sass on your big day, these ideas are totally optional. Let’s customise a package with your choices if you’re the type to to big or go home!

Guest Star Interviews: Let’s capture your guests documentary-style! I’ll compile these into a separate video that’s as unique as your big day.
Extended Highlight Reel or Full Day Film: Get the popcorn ready for a longer version of your unforgettable day!
FOMO Package (Fear of Missing Out): Don’t miss a single moment! Receive all raw, unedited footage compiled chronologically into one epic film.
Photo Friends: Let’s team up! Pair me with one of my top-notch photographers that I think match your vibe and score a sweet joint discount.
Extra Time: Whether it’s a few more hours or a specific shot, let’s tailor a plan that fits your budget and vision!
Engagement Adventure: Let’s kick off the excitement! Celebrate your engagement with a shoot at a location of your choice before the big day.
Pre/Post-Wedding Festivities: Extend the celebration! Include me in your pre-party or post-party plans for a film that captures every moment.
Custom Keepsake USB: Take home a piece of the magic! Receive your films on USB in a beautifully personalised presentation box.
Got More Ideas? Let’s Chat!: Anything else in mind? I’m all ears—let’s make your wedding film as unique as your love story!

Let’s chat packages!

Of course, no two weddings are the same. I’m eager to hear all about yours and craft the perfect package for your special day! Reach out, and let’s chat it up!

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